​Plastic profiles are involved in every aspect of our daily life. It can be divided into general plastics and engineering plastics. General plastics include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, etc., which are very common in our daily life.

So what is engineering plastic?

Engineering plastic mainly refer to thermoplastics that can be used as structural materials. Engineering plastics have good comprehensive properties, high rigidity, small creep, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, and good electrical insulation. They can be used in harsh chemical and physical environments for a long time and can be used as structural materials. The disadvantage is that its price is more expensive with small output.

As one of the most important new chemical materials, engineering plastic profile is one of the key scientific and technological breakthroughs in the world. It has been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, transportation, electronic information, construction, medical, high-end manufacturing, and military defense. It not only supports the national industry and modern high-tech industries but also promotes the transformation of traditional industries on the adjustment of product structure.

The Key Features of Engineering Plastic Profiles

Its main features are low density, lightweight, good insulation, and dimensional stability; corrosion resistance. So it can be used in those harsh physical and chemical environments, with limited affection by the environment and good durability

  • Compared to general plastics, it has better heat and cold resistance, excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range, and is suitable for use as a structural material,
  • Compared with metal materials, it has the advantages of easy processing, high production efficiency, simplified production procedures, and cost-saving.

H.D.extruded plastic profiles can be produced in a variety of different plastic materials and developed into various shapes, designs, and configurations that meet your product specifications and requirements.

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