In fact, there is no much big difference in terms of conceptual understanding of custom shaped profiles and aluminum profiles.  We call those unconventional shape customized profiles since they need to be customized to their own unique shape and features.

custom extrusion profiles

General profiles usually are those like bars, sheets, square tubes, wires, angles, ellipses, etc.

Those common profiles by different material types are aluminum alloy profiles and PVC profiles, plastic profiles, ABS profiles, etc. Doors, windows, and other decorations are the biggest use of profiled materials.

There are three major advantages of plastic profiles

  1. Low Cost: Compared to other molding processes, plastic extrusion molding has a low cost and is more efficient. The extrusion molding process uses thermoplastics and they undergo repeatedly melting and hardening, this allows the waste to be reused rather than be discarded. Plastic extrusion machines operate continually and this reduces the chances of inventory shortage.
  2. Better Flexibility: Extrusion molding will provide considerable flexibility in the profile product manufacturing with a consistent cross-section. As long as the cross-section stays the same, the extrusion molding can produce complex shapes. Minor alteration to the plastic extrusion process the manufacturers can use it for plastic sheets or plastic products that mix other
  3. After Extrusion Alterations: Plastics remain hot when they are removed from the extruder and this allows for post-extrusion manipulations. Many manufacturers will take advantage of this and use a variety of rollers,  dies to change the shape of the plastic as needed.

H.D.Plastics can extrude profiles, pipe or tubing, weatherstripping, fencing, deck railings, window frames. All can be customized per custom request by single or co-extrusion technology.

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