Custom Plastic Extrusion Products from Direct Manufacturer

Flame retardant PVC profile

Bright surface Flame retardant PVC extruded plastic profile

Outdoor PVC Cold Extrusion Customization

Outdoor Anti-UV PVC Profile

ABS Profile Extrusion Tube

Hollow Type PVC extrusion Profiles for Gardening

The Main Custom Plastic Extrusion Products

H.D. Plastics provides design engineering and OEM extrusion manufacturing to create customized plastic extruded profiles that match your exact requirements. We are prepared to assist you through each step of the design and production process and take every measure to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Custom PVC Extrusion

  • Custom ABS Extrusion Profiles

  • Custom HDPE Extrusion Profile

  • Custom Polycarbonate Extrusion

  • Custom Plastic Channel Extrusion

  • Custom PVC Tubing Extrusion

  • Custom ABS Tubing Extrusion

  • Custom PE Tubing Extrusion

  • Custom Polycarbonate Pipe

  • Custom Square Tubing

We can provide You Rigid and Flexible Custom Plastic Extrusion Products according to your Personal Requirement.

In House Extrusion Dies Manufacturing

  • We have the ability to produce PVC extrusion tooling in its in-house tool room with EDM technology.

100% Customized Plastic Extrusion Company

  • We can manufacture custom plastic profiles up to 900mm wide and 1000mm tall. We also have the capability to extrude custom plastic tubing up to 200mm round. We can hold tolerances of 0.05mm or better which exceeds most industry standards.
  • Our extrusion technical Engineering team specializes in developing custom plastic extrusion to match your needs of different applications in harsh weather. We can take you from designing assistance to prototyping to volume production.
  • Our facilities include 20 plastic extrusion lines. Multi-durometer and multicolor plastic extrusions are available.
  • Our design experts can assist you in choosing the type of extrusion technology and resin best suited for your product use.

Modified Plastic Extrusion Methods 

We often use a variety of modification methods together to enable the custom plastic extrusion products to have a suitable and stable quality to meet the specific working environment in plastic extruding processing.

1, Reinforcement: by adding glass fiber, carbon fiber, mica powder, and other fibrous or flake fillers to achieve the purpose of increasing the rigidity and strength of the material, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon used in power tools.

2, Toughening: by adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, and other substances in the plastic to improve its toughness/impact strength, such as automotive, home appliances, and industrial use of common toughened polypropylene, etc.

3, Blending: two or more incompletely compatible polymer materials are uniformly mixed into a macro-compatible, micro-phase mixture to meet certain requirements for physical and mechanical properties, optical properties, processing properties, etc. method.

4, Alloy: similar to the blend, but the components are compatible with each other, easy to form a homogeneous system, and can obtain certain properties that can not be achieved by a single component, such as PC/ABS alloy, or PS modified PPO, etc.

5, Filling: by adding fillers in plastics to improve the physical and mechanical properties or reduce costs.

6, Other modifications: such as the use of conductive fillers to reduce the resistivity of plastics; add antioxidants / light stabilizers to improve the weather-ability of the material; add pigments/dyes to change the color of the material, add internal/external lubricants to improve the processing properties of the material, the use of nucleating agents to change the crystalline properties of semi-crystalline plastics to improve their mechanical and optical properties, etc.

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FAQ Before Ordering Extruded Custom Plastic Extruded Products ?

Sample & Mold Q: Can I have a trial order or samples to test the plastic rigid PVC extrusion quality and function?
A: Of course! Free sample can be provided if stock parts for plastic rod and plastic bar on your shipping cost.
Q: Can you open mold for us to manufacture a new PVC extruded product?
A: Yes! If the quantity is big, our company can share part of the mold cost, or mold cost can be refundable after repeated orders in the big volume
Delivery Time & Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 3-5 days if goods are in stock. Or it is 15~20 days for customized profile extrusions according to your quantity.

Payment Terms Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T, PayPal, Western-union.
About Quotation Q: How can I get the quotation?
A: Please send us information for the quote:
drawing, material, application background
we can accept PDF, ISGS, DWG, STEP file format.
If you don’t have a drawing, please send the sample to us, we can quote base on your sample too.

Production Workshop

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Production Line

Production Line

Product Testing

Product Testing

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Mould Design

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Machining Technology

Machining Technology

Packing & Shipment


Standard Full Container Loading

plastic extrusion profiles (2)

Professional Loading For Exporting

Size 135(L) * 110(W) * 180(H)
Pallet Fumigated Solid For Exportong
Packaing Details 1.The Normal Package Is Carton Box
2.Loading Pallet
3.PE Film And Belt Protecting Outside
4.Shipping Mark On Pallet Surface
5.Customer Order Details And Size
plastic extrusion profiles (3)
plastic extrusion profiles (4)

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