Reliable Supplier for Your Custom Extruded plastic profiles

H.D.Plastics provides Extruded Plastic profile from a wide range of thermoplastic resins by Plastic extrusion manufacturing service as below: ABS, PVC – Flexible and Rigid, Styrene, Polyethylene, High- and Low-Density Polyethylene, Acrylic (PMMA) and many others as per request.

Our Main service is Extruded Plastic profile with 100% full customization service based on specific customer project requirements.

PC plastic extrusion

PC Profile milk color

Acrylic Square tube

Co-extrusion PC profile Extrusion

White ABS Extruded Plastic Profile

Rigid PVC Profile

H.D.Plastics can provide more Custom extruded profiles with round, oval, or custom-shaped and a series of shapes and cross-sectional channels as below:

  • PMMA Lens
  • Bumper strips
  • Lighting lampshade profiles
  • Wall & Corner Guards
  • Plastic channels
  • Trims
  • Vehicle door seals
  • Custom size tubes (from .188” to 4.5” OD)
  • Electrical insulator channels
  • Edge protectors
  • Window frames
  • Weatherstripping
  • Furniture edges
  • Custom plastic parts

Modification Methods Applied for Custom Plastic Extrusion Profile Products

1, Reinforcement: by adding glass fiber, carbon fiber, mica powder, and other fibrous or flake fillers to achieve the purpose of increasing the rigidity and strength of the material, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon used in power tools.

2, Toughening: by adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, and other substances in the plastic to improve its toughness/impact strength, such as automotive, home appliances, and industrial use of common toughened polypropylene, etc.

3, Blending: two or more incompletely compatible polymer materials are uniformly mixed into a macro-compatible, micro-phase mixture to meet certain requirements for physical and mechanical properties, optical properties, processing properties, etc. method.

4, Alloy: similar to the blend, but the components are compatible with each other, easy to form a homogeneous system, and can obtain certain properties that can not be achieved by a single component, such as PC/ABS alloy, or PS modified PPO, etc.

5, Filling: by adding fillers in plastics to improve the physical and mechanical properties or reduce costs.

6, Other modifications: such as the use of conductive fillers to reduce the resistivity of plastics; add antioxidants / light stabilizers to improve the weather-ability of the material; add pigments/dyes to change the color of the material, add internal/external lubricants to improve the processing properties of the material, the use of nucleating agents to change the crystalline properties of semi-crystalline plastics to improve their mechanical and optical properties, etc.

While we also use a variety of modification methods simultaneously together, such as the addition of rubber and other toughening agents in the process of plastic reinforcement modification in order not to lose too much impact strength; or the production of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) in the presence of both physical mixing and chemical cross-linking, etc.

We focus on what we’ve been doing: Custom Plastic Extrusion and Manufacturing. Our engineering team is composed of well-known experts with more than 10 years of experience in this plastic extrusion industry.

Our engineer can modify the material properties by adding functional additives to achieve high features such as anti-aging properties, UV resistance, corrosion-resistant, high strength.

How do we take you to fulfill your desirable Extruded Plastic Profiles?

Plastic Extrusion Design

plastic extrusion tooling

Our engineering team will assist or co-design with you to utilize the profile functionality, material selection, processing management

Plastic Extrusion Tooling

plastic extrusion product

In-house tooling room is equipment with 2 large 4 axis wire EMD and CNC milling machines with H.D.R&D tooling design to allow you design flexibility

Plastic Extrusion Quality

PVC extruded plastic profile

From materials purity to workshop process and final quality assurance under a standard SOP with money-back policy to minimize buyer loss.

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We are prepared to assist you through each step of the design and production process and take every measure to ensure customer satisfaction.