Customized plastic extrusion PVC profile manufacturer

As a reliable OEM plastic extrusion PVC profile manufacturer in China, H.D.Plastics is capable to extrude different shapes of colored PVC extrusion profiles per personal designs and drawings.  Color match is often required by customers. Usually, customers send us sample color parts or pan tone color codes. However, in real production how do we control the color testing?

PVC Hollow rectangular tube
PVC Cold extrusion

Here we open up our minds to share our working experience when we producing PVC colored plastic profiles.

First, How to choose the color testing standards when producing PVC color profiles.

a) The QA personnel mainly use the standard color plate and engineering sample plate to detect the color of PVC profile parts. If there is a deviation between them, the standard color plate shall dominate.

b) QA personnel in the machining room mainly judge finished sample parts to detect the color of PVC extrusion plastic parts.

c) The QA staff at random inspection mainly uses the engineering sample board and the latest valid sample board to detect the color of plastic extrusion PVC profile.

Second, Visual inspection –the color detection method of PVC plastic profile in real production.

We put the tested PVC plastic parts and the standard board under the same light source, observe the color difference from the same angle, then swap the plastic profile parts with the standard board, observe the color difference again, and then compare the color difference if any.

Third, for PVC extruded plastic profile products with color matching components , we should compare whether the color of the mating part is consistent with the plastic parts.

Fourth, when the color of PVC profile products deviate from the standard color plate. What could we do ?

a) If the color deviation is visually detected at the beginning of the molding, the person in charge of QA duty should be notified and judge whether it is approved for production by visual detection.

b) If the QA member of the sampling group visually detects any color deviation, he/she should immediately notify and make a judgment visually for production guidance.

c) If it is difficult to confirm visually, use the color measuring instrument (color difference meter) to measure the comprehensive color difference before the production or release.

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