H.D.Plastics specializes in both Rigid and Flexible Extrusion Profiles and Plastic Tubing Extrusion products. Finished PVC Extrusion products can be fabricated into the more complex assembly by hot bending, forming, notching, punching, gluing, and other secondary processing. We are able to produce almost any cold extruded plastic shapes and components suitable for your specific engineering project.

Custom Cold Extrusion Plastc Shapes

ABS plastic extrusion profile
PVC Hollow rectangular tube
cold extrusion PVC profile for wiring trunk

Our engineer can modify the material properties according to custom mechanical requirements by adding functional additives to achieve high features such as anti-aging properties, UV resistance, corrosion-resistant, high strength.

It is true that there are more ways of profile extrusion, such as vacuum forming, cold extrusion, cold drawing form, and co-extrusion forming, etc. Our extrusion specialist can choose suitable extrusion techniques with the most cost savings.

If high productivity is required and the surface of the plastic product has no special requirements, most manufacturers will choose vacuum forming (vacuum inside the die). However, the productivity of cold extrusion is lower with lower production speed.

However, its unique advantage is that the surface of the product is bright and smooth, and high filler material can be used. The product is usually cooled by water after it comes out of the mold.

Vacuum forming, generally from the mouth of the mold out of a certain stretch forming ratio, so the requirements of the material are relatively high toughness and strength, the use of filler is also relatively small.

Custom Cold Extrusion Plastic Shapes Service

H.D.Plastics offering full custom plastic extrusion service with flexible & rigid custom plastic profile and plastic tubing products. We provide outstanding service before and after the sale, from plastic shape design to high volume mass production through delivery and beyond. So you can count on H.D to support you for all your custom extruded plastic shapes needs.

Plastic extrusion products mainly use for auto parts, light rail train fittings, lamps and lanterns, refrigeration industry, household electrical appliances, stationery, warehousing and other enterprises to provide quality support services.