Acrylic (PMMA) is commonly known as plexiglass. In the plastic extrusion industry, acrylic is the most high-quality raw material for extruding large lampshades, tri-proof lamp two-color shells, linear lamp masks, and large grille lamp panel cover. Acrylic has the following good properties:

1. High transparency

At present, acrylic is the plastic material with the highest light transmittance among all plastic materials suitable for extrusion. Its absolute light transmittance can reach 93%, which is comparable to high light transmittance glass. For extruded lampshades that pursue high permeability, acrylic extruded lampshades are the most suitable product;

2. Wide range of ambient temperature

The softening temperature of the acrylic extruded lampshade is 102 degrees, and the embrittlement temperature is -60 degrees. Can be used for a long time in an environment of -60 degrees to 65 degrees;

3, Good weather resistance

There are no tertiary hydrogen atoms in the acrylic macromolecular structure, and its weather resistance is quite good! According to the test, the use of acrylic extruded lampshade, tri-proof lamp two-color shell, used outdoors for 5 years, only a slight decrease in tensile strength and light transmittance, other properties have not changed much. Like the street lamps and high bay lamp lenses installed in 2010, most of them are made of acrylic. Its anti-aging performance has been verified;

4. Good extrusion molding effect

At the molding processing temperature, its melt has a high viscosity and is suitable for extrusion molding. The product is stable during extrusion processing.
The advantages of acrylic extruded lampshade and two-color tube are precise control of the shape and size; the surface of the product can be made smooth or matte, and there are no obvious undesirable conditions such as wire drawing and pitting;

5. Easy to dye: can be made into products of various colors

Of course, when making acrylic extruded lampshades, tri-proof lamp two-color shells, grille lamp panel large masks, it is necessary to consider the problems of easy moisture absorption, sensitivity to processing temperature, stress, insufficient surface hardness, and easy fuzzing. Before extrusion molding, the material needs to be fully dried to solve the problem of moisture absorption; high-precision extruders are selected to solve the problem of sensitivity to processing temperature; the processing temperature and cooling temperature are strictly controlled to eliminate stress problems; cutting and handling Take care to prevent scratches on the surface of the product