PC extruded lens and Acrylic extrusion lenses are used more and more in linear lamps, but most of the lenses on the market currently have serious macular spots, that is, the phenomenon of color and light separation. This problem also seriously hinders the mass application of extruded lenses.

How to avoid the macula phenomenon for the Acrylic extrusion lens?

Dongguan H.D. Plastic Products Co., Ltd., as one of the earliest manufacturers to develop and produce extruded lenses, has basically solved this problem through the accumulation of experience. When developing and designing extruded lenses, the following three aspects need to be considered.

1. Product design: When designing the extruded lens, except for the lens, try to design the part uniform in thickness to avoid multiple condensing or astigmatic lenses due to inconsistent thickness;

extrusion plastics design

2. Mold development: In-mold design, the internal pressure of the mold must be considered.

The rubber material maintains a certain uniform pressure inside the mold so that no shrinkage or fine bubbles appear after the product is formed. Product shrinkage and fine bubbles will affect the light type of the product. In addition, the mouth mold and the shaping mold should be polished in place to avoid pulling the product line. The pull line is an important reason for the product to produce light spots.

3. Process innovation: Extrusion lens is a product that extends from injection lens. When making injection-molded lenses, the sun pattern on the mold surface will eliminate the macula. When making extruded lenses, a two-color extrusion process is also required, and a layer of fluoride is attached to the surface of the product to eliminate the macula. In a process, we need to learn from the production process of communication optical fiber.

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