Dongguan H.D.Plastic Factory is leading premier manufacturers of environmentally friendly ABS furniture decorative sealing strip with extrusion technology for more than 10 years.

In the last article, we talked about the PVC edge banding trim, here we also would like to talk about the ABS extruded edge trim for various furniture applications such as in-home furniture edge banding, office furniture, school furniture, various tables and chairs, various podiums.

custom furniture edge trim

The role of those Plastics ABS furniture edge strip is mainly for protection, decoration, and aesthetic beauty. Those custom furniture decorative strips make the stripes of the furniture clearer with the best color display.

To be more specific, We would like to talk about the features and benefits of the ABS furniture strip with 30% buyer choice.
1. High purity and environmentally friendly raw material-ABS with features of light-weight, strong, rigid, resilient thermoplastic material. It has high impact and high mechanical strength
2. A single extrusion, multi-color printing process with clear texture
3. The surface is provided with an anti-wear layer, which has good abrasion resistance and is particularly easy to handle when it is dirty.
4. The raw materials of ABS furniture decoration strips contain additives, which are stable in color and will not change color under ultraviolet irradiation. After using the edge banding tape for a period of time, the trimming surface will glow without sticking dust or blackening.
5. Good flexibility, even if it is sealed on a plate with a small radius. Its edge-sealing gap is extremely small, and there are basically no gaps, and the edge-sealing strip is particularly sealed from the cabinet.
6. ABS furniture decoration strip has good dimensional stability, and will not shrink or expand excessively due to large temperature difference.
ABS furniture decoration strips are non-pollution, wear-resistant, non-fading, clear texture, good care, and so on. Therefore, the ABS furniture decoration strips are admired by the edge banding market once they come out.