H.D.Plastics is a premier extruded ABS profile manufacturer and exporter with high standard quality with Color ABS Profile, Co-Extruded ABS Profile, ABS channels, and other shapes as well.

Here we would like to explain more about the chemical properties of ABS resin and what are precautions for ABS extrusion.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a commonly used thermoplastic as it is lightweight and can both be injection molded and extruded. But ABS has the feature of strong hygroscopicity and moisture sensitivity, what should be done to get superior extrusion features?

For ABS extrusion parts such as extruded ABS channels, or ABS profiles, the thermal ABS resin should be fully dried and preheated before extrusion (at least 80-90C for at least 2 hours), and the moisture content should be controlled below 0.03%.

Another point: ABS should not stay in the high-temperature barrel for too long (should be less than 30 minutes), otherwise it will easily decompose and yellow.

ABS Extruded Profiles Features

1) Excellent Heat Preservation

2) Pressing Resisting

3) Perfect Sound Insulation

4) Good Water Sealing Property

5) Aging Resisting

6) Fire Proof Property

In addition to ABS plastic extrusion, there are many plastic products such as the acrylic lampshade, PVC profile, PC profile, and so on.

We can extrude custom plastic profiles up to 800mm wide and 1000mm tall. We also have the capability to extrude custom ABS plastic tubing up to 200mm round, tolerances of 0.08mm, or better.

H.D. Capability of Extrusion ABS profiles

  • We can extrude ABS Profiles with the excellent homogeneous glossy and matte surface.
  • Also support customers with Co-extruded profiles that include a rigid and flexible section.
  • Rich experience for Wide range of applications such as automotive, appliances, furnishings, construction, toys, plumbing, marine.

    Except for ABS Extrusion,  we have ASA Profiles, ASA Pipes