H.D. plasticsis production process 01

Receive Drawing in
CAD and background

H.D. plasticsis production process 02

Offer an quotation
after project assessment
or technical suggestions

H.D. plasticsis production process 03

Confirm order and
start mold with 50%
deposit, testing ,making
samples in around 2 weeks

H.D. plasticsis production process 04

Provide pre-production
Sample until final
sample approval

H.D. plasticsis production process 05

Arrange mass production
with 50% deposit around
14 working days

H.D. plasticsis production process 06

On-site production
checking and quality

H.D. plasticsis production process 07

Deliver by sea or by
air with Safe packing
and Logistic arrangement


Who We Are

H.D.Plastics offering full custom plastic extrusion service with flexible & rigid custom plastic profile and plastic tubing products. We provide outstanding service before and after the sale, from plastic shape design to high volume mass production through delivery and beyond. So you can count on H.D to support you for all your custom extruded plastic shapes needs.

As an integrated engineering and manufacturing solution provider focusing on Custom Extruded Plastic Profiles & Plastic Tubing, we have the full extrusion technology both single or co-extruded processing with an independent workshop. It covers an area of 3000 square meters with ISO 9001:2008 certified in Guangdong, China.  Also, we own 20 sets of extrusion lines and a monthly extrusion capability of over 70 tons with large stock. With in-house extrusion die capabilities and custom engineering for your personalized plastic profile extrusion needs, H.D.Plastics combines the industrial experience and expertise to satisfy the challenges of your custom plastic extruded products.

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What We Offer

Custom Extruded Plastic Products By Single Or Co-extrusion Process

  • Polycarbonate profile, Polycarbonate lamp cover, Polycarbonate tube, PC two-color shaped lampshade, co-extruded profile.
  • ABS profile, ABS pipe, ABS insulation profile, U profile,ABS plastic channel,
  • PMMA profile, PMMA lampshade, PMMA pipe, PMMA bar, PMMA frosted profile.
  • PVC profile, PVC channel, rigid and soft PVC pipe, PVC door frame profile,PVC strips,PVC shutters,PVC corner.
  • HIPS profile, HIPS lampshade, HIPS pipe.

  • PP profile, PP pipe, PP bead.

  • Square plastic tubing,HDPE tubing, Clear Plastic Polycarbonate tube.
  • ASA Profile,ASA Tubing

How to Support you with OEM Extruded Plastic Product?

1. To understand what customers need?–It is the most essential step now.

  • When you send us a new plastic project for Extruded Plastic Profiles or Plastic Tubing to get a cost, you may not know what type of material is suitable and how it could meet your mechanical requirement?
  • Do you have such doubts?  We will listen to your needs, what issue you have with the plastic profile.

2. Then it is engineering capability.

  • We will have a comprehensive project analysis on the part structural feasibility, selection of most suitable plastic polymer, and mechanical function between the customer and our technical engineering team. During this process, we can so-design with you to make a better revision of the extrusion profile. It may save you more budget and make the extrusion processing more simplistic and get better stable quality.

3. If the part design is totally feasible and material settled. We will get to check the extrusion tool making.

  • For most Extruded pipes we have thousand of mold in stock, but just a small amount of Extruded pipes tooling cost will be required if with special features. It will not a big sum.
  • For most extruded profiles or plastic channels, it may require to design of total new tooling. We have an in-house extrusion tooling design and building house. This renders us a sharp advantage since our tooling cost is lower than other competitors as proved by our customers.

4. Approval

  • We will send you samples for approval prior to starting the volume production and modifications will be made if necessary.

5. Mass Production and Quality Assurance

  • We strictly follow customers’ specific requirements and assure quality guarantee with a refund within Warranty.

6. Delivery 

  • We will despatch your goods to the required destination or you may arrange collection using your own shipping company.

Do you need a custom profile extrusion?

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The Industries We Serve

We extrude flexible & rigid custom plastic profile and plastic tubing products, as well as co-extrusion profiles, of multiple materials. These Extruded Profile Products are widely accepted by worldwide customers and have excellent functions of lightweight, flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, heat preservation, sound insulation, and shock absorption.

  • Electronic communication industry: profile housing, antenna tube, structural parts.

  • Office furniture industry: PVC hard tubes, ABS plastic corners and channel, PVC decorative panels, door seals and strips.

  • Household Appliance Industry: PVC/TPU edge strips and sealing strips, PVC decorative strips, ABS structural parts and other plastic gaskets.

  • Building materials : sealing strips, gussets, decorative strips, shaped parts door and window profiles.

  • Kitchenware and gift industry: hard pipe strips, hose strips, profiled components.

  • Lighting industry: PC lampshade, PC Lens, PC diffuser Lampshade, LED fluorescent tube, etc.

  • Small toy project: POM bars,PEEK rod.

How to Select the Best Material for Your Plastic Extrusion Design

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the proper resin to use for your plastic extrusion design. Plastic extrusion products will be custom made to order, so the right thermoplastic-type will be selected to fit your specific requirements or needs. Selecting the right material for the project will ensure that your design works as it is intended, as well as allowing you to have a more cost-efficient product. Here are some of the material properties that you should consider when designing a plastic extrusion part.

You can get our full engineering support based on specific working environments. Our engineer can modify the material properties by adding functional additives to achieve high features such as anti-aging properties, UV resistance, corrosion-resistant, high strength. In that way, the plastic PVC extrusion profile can partially replace aluminum profiles, steel, and so on

Thermal-plastic Resin

Outdoor Weathering Wear Resistance Coefficient

of Friction

Impact Strength Rigidity Heat Distortion Temperature


Fair Low Medium Moderate Excellent


Polystyrene Poor Poor Medium Poor Excellent



Fair Fair Low Low  Good Good
PVDF Good Fair Low Good  Good


(Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Good Excellent Very Low Excellent  Good


(High-Density Polyethylene)

Fair Good Low Good  Good


(Low-Density Polyethylene)

Fair Fair Medium Good Fair


(Linear Low-Density Polyethylene)

Fair Fair Low Good Good/Fair


PVC Flexible

Excellent Fair Medium Varies Varies Varies
Polycarbonate Excellent Good Medium Good Maximum



Excellent Excellent Very High Varies Varies



Good Good Very Low Good Varies


TPEs Fair Excellent High Fair Varies