H.D.Plastics is one of the leading specialists in extrusion technology and plastics. We have grown from a small workshop in Guang dong China into the medium size of the manufacturing facility to provide our high-quality extrusion profiles across the world.

In the past decade, We H.D.Plastics are passionate about what we do: Extrusion of plastic profiles for a broad range of applications such as energy, building, windows & doors, transportation, power & lighting, white goods, building system profiles, and window system profiles.

No matter short, long, thin or thick, co-extruded or multiple extruded, an integrated solution, combined with other materials, high manufacturing tolerance – that’s what makes extruded profiles suitable for almost any purpose.

Our Business Goal:

1. Right to be the OEM supplier of custom plastic profiles and pipes suitable for almost any purpose project.

2. Cost control capability: Raw materials centralized mode, production equipment automated to upgrade production efficiency with less labor, material loss statistics, performance evaluation in a more comprehensive management system.

3. Custom Service for Overseas Market: Professional knowledge for the extrusion; Market analysis Flexible communication skills for comfort long-distance or product issue.

We will assist you from the very beginning of your project. We aim to contribute to the latest in materials knowledge, production technology, and engineering expertise to create a solution exceptionally suited to your needs.

Our main market including below:

1. Electronic communication: Big profile housing cover

2.Office furniture: plastic corners, and channel, decorative panels, door seals and strips.

3. Household appliance: PVC/TPU edge strips and sealing strips, decorative strips, structural parts, and other gaskets.

4. Building materials: sealing strips, window profiles. Kitchenware and gift: hard pipe strips, hose strips, profiled components.

5. Lighting industry: PMMA/PC lampshade, LED fluorescent Cover, Extruded Lenses, etc.

6. Small toy project: POM bars, PEEK rod.