In order to strengthen our staff’s fire safety awareness to increase the ability of self-protection and master the contingency of sudden fire, our company held a fire drill on Dec.11 to promote the construction of  “four capabilities of fire safety”. All our staff is trained the escape skills and learn to extinguish the fire with orderly personnel.

The drill was divided into two stages: the first stage: evacuation and escape, and the second stage: the live fire fighting drill.

According to the plan of the drill, the staff of each department evacuated and escaped to the intended place in an organized and orderly manner with the fastest speed. The whole evacuation and escape process was tense and orderly, which is inseparable from the company’s daily fire safety education.

In the second stage of the fire fighting drill, firstly, the fire safety specialist in charge of the company explained the use of dry powder fire extinguisher and the types of fire fighting, then it was the highlight of the whole drill – live fire fighting, when the barrel of miscellaneous items in the simulated fire ignited and caught fire, the representatives of each department picked up the fire extinguisher and came to the fire basin to put out the fire according to the correct use method.

Through this fire drill, we felt the rapid development of the social economy with so many high-rise buildings. The fire safety of high-rise buildings is very important to all of us.  Through participation, the employees have further practical experience in the skills of emergency evacuation, correct escape, and correct use of fire extinguishers and indoor fire hydrants in fire accidents to a certain extent, thus expanding the coverage of fire safety knowledge.  We should do every detail in preventing fire safety.