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What We Can Do For Your OEM Plastic Extrusion Project?

Mutual Benefit And Win-Win Cooperation


100% Customizable Extrusion Profiles and Tubing

H.D.Plastics offers tailor-made Plastic Extrusion Profiles and Tubing including PVC,ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and more to meet the personal needs of our customers’ projects.

In-house R&D of Extrusion Mold to Lowest Cost

With our in-house mold shop, we can provide free mold design and life-time mold maintenance which also shortens the lead-time & guarantee the part quality of the extrusion manufacturing.

100% Raw Material Incoming Quality Check

We take strict quality control checks and test for thermal plastic resin bought from the premier suppliers before mass production as the most and foremost step to guarantee the high quality of the finished plastic profiles.

On-Time and Safe Delivery

H.D.Plastics carries out continuous weekly production status reports and professional logistic service to make sure timely arrival of your plastic extrusion parts to support your production without delay.

Guaranteed Quality- Refund within Warranty Period

We strictly follow customers’ specific requirements and assure quality guarantee with a refund within Warranty. Specified qualification tests for Water Proof, Moisture-Proof, Fire Proof, or other chemical lab tests can be provided upon request.

Superior Customer Service

Our professional sales team provides 24/7 Online to support your business. Also, we provide regular training on sales team for professional prompt answers by Calls or Emails with fluently English to comfort customers’ worries for long-distance or product issues.


plastic extrusion profile manufacturer

Building And Construction

A wide range of custom extruded plastic products for commercial and road construction projects.

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plastic extrusion profile manufacturer for Door and frames

Furniture Doors and Frames

H.D.Plastics is a leading plastic profile company to provide upvc extrusion profiles and sealing strips for door and window frames and other…

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plastic profile extrusion companies

Home Appliance

PVC extruded profiles and gaskets are also widely used in home appliances for washing, drying, cooling, and cooking on…

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lampshade plastics profiles forLighting Industry

Lighting Industry

ThePC extruded profiles or Co-extrusion lamp cover for led lighting are manufactured by PMMA (methacrylate) and PC (polycarbonate).

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PVC plastic profiles

Sales Vehicles

PVC & ABS plastic decorated profiles and strips for vendor sale car body with multipe shapes can be customized.

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Plastic extrusion Tubing

Sports Equipment

Plastic extruded PVC profiles and Pipes are widely used in Sports equipment, sporting products and accessories such as in fishing, golf, sailing…due to the growing health concepts with fast business development.

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+10 Years Focusing On R&D And Production Of Plastic Extrusion with specialized expertise

  • H.D.Plastics is a premier leader in Custom plastic extrusion since 2010, specializing in custom extruded PVC&PC&ABS plastic profiles, extruded pipes, plastic channel extrusion, with single or co-extruded processing. We have a superior plastic extrusion production capability with 15 extruders to meet your high volume production.

We can fully Take Your CAD Sketch Into Product Shape by our sophisticated Extrusion Technology & Manufacturability

  • With our engineering and CAD design support for plastic extrusion molding by utilizing the state of the art 4-axis wire EDM programming software to help you create an original extrusion dies design and fast prototype tests within 12 days to make sure the products meet your application perfectly.

Secondary Value-Added Service Provided If Requests to fulfill more Functions

  • Drilling and hole punching and Bending
  • Tapping and single-point threading
  • Profile Machining such as (Angled cuts, cut-outs, pocket milling, etc.)
  • Profile surface film printing

Business Philosophy-Honest And Trust

  • We have built our business with a simple philosophy-HONEST at all time and maintain a high trust working environment with our people to deliver our products and service with exceptional value.


Reliable Custom plastic extrusion profile manufacturer in China

H.D. Plastics has been always adhering to the business principle of “mutual benefit and win-win cooperation” by utilizing our Hi-tech R&D capabilities and art of the state sophisticated equipment. With this, we fully realize the product value by high quality and competitive prices to get a win-win long term business relationship with our customers worldwide.

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